Frequently asked questions

Introduction | 4.48 Mins

a. Meaning of Division and its 4 basic terms?
b. Benefits of Division
c. 5 interesting chapters similar to Multiplication

Chapter: 5 Checking Your Answer | 9.56 Mins

a. Interesting Digit Sum trick to cross check the final answers.
b. Examples and Exercise problems to cross check whether the final answers are correct or incorrect

Chapter 1: Times Tables up to 99.... | 7.09 Mins

a. Easy way to calculate Tables.
b. Need to know tables from 2-9 and the rest will have tricks to calculate
c. Tables up to 99 can be solved with few amazing tricks
d. Examples and Exercise problems are given

Chapter: 4 Magic Division | 37.19 Mins

a. Introduction about Auxiliary Fraction
b. Case-1 :- When the divisor ends in 9
c. Case-2 :- When the divisor ends in 8
d. Examples and Exercise Problems

Chapter: 3 Long Division In One Line | 39.26 Mins

a. Introduction
b. Division by 2 digit divisor (with remainder)
c. Division by 2 digit divisor (with adjustment)
d. Division by 3 digit divisor
e. Examples and Exercise problems for all the above methods

Chapter 2: Division By Base Method | 27.06 Mins

a. Explanation on Types of Base Method calculation
b. Below Base, Above Base and Mixed Base
c. Case-1 Examples for Below Base i.e., 10 and 100
d. Example sums When divisor is 9, 99...
e. Case-2 Examples for Above Base method
f. Exercise problems for Below base and Above base