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Updated: Nov 15, 2019

ENK’D hit the runway this weekend at the BEAUTY MEETS FASHION show. It was definitely a vibe.

After hitting the runway once to even twice a month for 2yrs straight we took an almost 1yr break from the fashion show scene. To reflect on what we learned from it and apply the experiences.

Recently we were reached out to by several upcoming venues and thought it’s time to tour a little. 1st stop the StL itself with Dee Dee coordinator of BEAUTY MEETS FASHION. It was definitely worth stepping back on the runway for. Seeing both old and new faces. As well as a hell of an event to witness.

The mix of great designers, professional models, a night life vibe, and incredible music with an inspired audience made for a GREAT time!! Even brand CEO & Design Director Ty Young stepped out onto the runway to personal video the event as ENK’D’s model stole breaths. Salute to everyone involved and that witnessed this night.

• A few of ENK’D‘s Model Team:

Marilynn Dior, Emri, Khayla Pruitt, VallI, Teezzzy, Nik, Da Smoove Life, Ghost, Sahoi Michelle Ma’at

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